To match the classic suit, Ader Milano prefers footwear produced with the Goodyear sole construction method, which consists of the following technique: a welt, that is a strip of material, usually soft leather, that runs around the entire perimeter of the shoe, is sewn first to the insole and the upper, and then to the sole. The fastening between the welt, insole, upper and sole is carried out with a single stitching or a combination of stitching and adhesive. This allows for a very comfortable and durable shoe, which can also be resoled many times.

In the space that remains between the insole and the sole, a porous and breathable material is inserted: the most widely used is cork. This is a very important detail because it multiplies the durability of the accessory for a time longer than the average of commercial footwear.

Furthermore, the Goodyear construction allows for the creation of extremely comfortable shoes that harmoniously accompany the shape of the foot, giving a sense of lightness even after several hours of use.