The wide selection of knitwear from Ader Milano is curated by selecting the finest yarns, from the pure Cariaggi cashmere to the wool and cashmere blend of Zegna Baruffa.

The production starts from the choice of the yarn, to which we give the destination for the production that takes place in different phases:

  • Knitting: the process of weaving the thread to create the panels that make up the finished garment. Any anomalies are manually checked.
  • Assembling: assembly of the panels for the composition of the garment. The Punto Maglia seams are specifically designed for each model in order to perfectly follow the shape of the body of the wearer without creating unsightly folds or fit defects.
  • Fulling (washing the knitwear): this process, in addition to giving softness to the garment, is essential as it prevents the knitwear from deforming, shrinking or staining in subsequent washes.
  • Choice of models: turtleneck, crew neck, V-neck, button-up cardigan, full zip.

At Ader Milano you will find versatile knitwear pieces that can be combined with any look, elegant or casual, always with taste and refinement.