Accessories refer to all the complementary items used to create a perfect look.

The taste of choosing and wearing a well-matched tie with the suit is a demonstration of good taste and refinement. The most commonly used knot is undoubtedly the one the English call the “Four-in-Hand”, simply done in four moves. The aesthetic utility lies in hiding the vertical strip of shirt buttons, as well as creating a decorative color contrast and achieving a complementary effect with the clothing.

The Pocket Square is a miniature handkerchief, white or light blue if in cotton or linen, or multicolored and vibrant if in silk. It is used as a purely decorative accessory and is never taken out of the pocket.

The Belt, in leather, fabric or woven fibers, is generally matched to the shoes. The correct way to wear it is to thread it through the left side of the belt loops, letting it slide around the waist of the trousers and fastening it on the third hole (usually the center one). The buckles selected by Ader Milano are in polished or satin-finished metal tones of steel and burnished.

The Bow Tie consists of a small symmetrical bow that closes the collar of the shirt. It can be self-tied or pre-tied, and can be worn both with the classic collared shirt and the tuxedo shirt.

The Cummerbund, often adjustable through hooks, velcro or laces, is positioned around the waist of the trousers with the pleats facing upwards.